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I’ve excerpted some reviews of Alcestis on its book page, but here are others if you’re a completist:

  • Booklist’s January 2010 review, sadly behind a pay wall.
  • Cecelia Holland reviewed the book in the September 2009 issue of Locus (the magazine can be ordered via Locus’s site).
  • A stunning, thoughtful review by coffeeandink that contextualizes the novel in relation to the works of Mary Renault. Excerpt: “I can’t be particularly objective about Katharine Beutner’s first novel, Alcestis … It is so exactly what I have always wanted some book to be.”
  • A great reader response from SonomaLass that focuses on the question of how to read Alcestis’s story in a feminist way.
  • Aja wrote two slightly different reviews of the book (both great): here at her book reviewing blog, where the review is her inaugural post, and here at her fandom/personal blog.
  • Jessica wrote a lovely review of the book for her book blog.
  • Rebecca Hb. describes the gods in the book as “nearly perfect” and “wow” in this reader review.
  • This amazing reader review by Matthew Merendo on Goodreads focuses on the novel’s evocation of ancient Greek life. (Here’s Matthew’s published review of the book at Hipster Book Club.)