The rebirth of The Dodge

When my wonderful colleague Dan Bourne retired from The College of Wooster, where I teach, he kindly asked me to take over the editorship of the Artful Dodge, the magazine he started as a grad student in 1979–a magazine our students have worked on for years. With help from Dan, a wonderful new team of editors, and some amazing student assistants, I’ve rebooted the journal as an online magazine focusing on eco-writing, works in translation, and writing about animals.

The Dodge is now live and accepting submissions. Please check out our new website, complete with vision statement describing our reboot as an online journal and introducing our expanded editorial staff–and send us your work! As a queer editor with a disability, I am especially eager to read work by queer/trans/nb/LGBTQIA+ folks, disabled folks, BIPOC folks, and anybody from a marginalized background.

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