New look!

After neglecting this blog and my site in general for the last two years, while I settled into my teaching position at the University of Hawai`i, I’ve finally updated. The site has a cleaner look and fewer random accretions, but there’s still plenty of old blog content here if you really, really want to click back through old entries. I’ll be posting news here far more regularly now. Comments on the new site are welcome!

My most recent news is that I’ll be organizing and moderating two panels at the 2016 Associated Writing Programs Conference in LA, next March. The first, In the Realms of the Real and Unreal, will focus on genre-blending in fiction and will feature (amazing!) panelists Kelly Link, Sofia Samatar, Carmen Machado, and Alice Sola Kim. The second panel is Octavia Butler and Her Legacy, featuring Walidah Imarisha, adrienne maree brown, Ayana Jamieson, and Monica Drake.

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