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‘Killingly’ excerpt in TriQuarterly

A missing poster for Bertha Mellish.
A missing poster for Bertha Mellish.

An excerpt from my next novel, Killingly, is now up at TriQuarterly, Northwestern University’s literary journal. This is the Mt. Holyoke College novel, the Honeycrisp apple of my eye, my current labor of love — sadly neglected this summer due to the demands of organizing a move to Hawai’i from Ohio. I’m en route at the moment, encamped in Oregon at my mother’s house with my two cats and working to be ready for a new semester at a new university. But I’m delighted and honored to see this excerpt appear in TriQuarterly and I hope you’ll read it and let me know what you think. It begins at Mt. Holyoke College in November 1897, when Bertha Mellish, the girl in the broadside poster pictured here, has just vanished from her dormitory house. The TriQuarterly editors asked if I wanted to title the excerpt — it’s called “Some Little Lamb” because of a quotation I found tucked in a scrapbook created in 1897 by Katharine Shearer, a Mt. Holyoke student. A little card on one page of the scrapbook said:

All classes have some little lamb
Who loves to go to school …



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