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Wiscon revelry

Wiscon was great fun, especially the meals with friends, our reading on Saturday, and the Genderfloomp dance party Sunday night. I also really enjoyed our panel discussion on heteronormativity in YA dystopian novels, though I think I actually explained my ideas better to Malinda Lo, our moderator, the night before! More on that soon; Julia Rios of Outer Alliance recorded the panel for an Outer Alliance podcast, so I’ll link here when that recording is available.

I heard some great readings and panels, and, as always, lengthened my to-read list considerably.

For now, here’s a photo of Malinda, me, and YA author Neesha Meminger, ready for the dance party:

I have never worn lipstick that red before! It was part of femme-ing it up for Genderfloomp — it’s too bad this photo doesn’t show my vintage red velvet heels, passed on by a former housemate who is much better at being femme and wearing vintage than I am — and I kind of enjoyed it. It’s nice to see your own smile so clearly.

(Malinda and Neesha both have books coming out soon — check them out!)

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