Things I love about teaching right now

Mid-semester update edition:

  1. Sitting in a room full of students who are working intently on a writing exercise. Some of them are usually frowning. But they’re all creating.
  2. Discussing writing ideas or revision plans with my senior Independent Study advisees, then having them return the next week with surprising, original, clever work inspired by our conversations. I feel unbearably and excessively proud of them.
  3. Hearing my first-year seminar students voluntarily refer to Riddley Walker, a book many of them struggled through, as we discuss other texts.
  4. Seeing my first-year seminar students walking around campus together.
  5. Watching familiar names pop up on my course rosters for next semester as registration progresses. If you’ll pardon a warm-and-fuzzy Internet emoticon moment: <3!


  1. I’m sure your independent advisees appreciate the pride, given how it feels when those story lightbulbs go off in the writing head. (psst…are most of them working on short stories? Few novels or novellas?)

  2. One is writing a YA novella; one a collection of short stories and creative nonfiction; one a collection of poetry; one a screenplay.

    (Got your email, btw! I’ve just been swamped, sorry. Will reply soon.)

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