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More good news!

Which is, as I was just saying to a friend on Twitter, a nice change from the rest of the news this week. (Can’t stop thinking about the workers who stayed at the Fukushima plant.)

But on to the good news: Alcestis is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Debut Fiction! When originally nominated, the book was also listed in the “bisexual” category, and even though it ended up being chosen as a finalist in lesbian fiction, I want to thank Lambda Literary for their creation of bisexual and transgender categories. (Notably, the transgender category included enough entries to require splitting into fiction/nonfiction categories this year, just like the bisexual category did last year!) As a bisexual writer, it’s nice to be included, especially as the Lambda nomination pool gets bigger — the press release notes that this year’s crop included “more than 520 titles represented from about 230 publishers.” How exciting!

The awards will be announced at the Lambda Awards ceremony on May 26 — tickets have just gone on sale. I’m not sure if I’ll be there or not, but I’d love to go.

And now, back to formatting my dissertation! A life of glamor, I tell you.


  1. Many congratulations! How exciting to get two nominations in one week. And thanks for elaborating on the Lambda categories, it makes a bit more sense to me now.

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