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It’s been a very busy and exciting week. Here are a few reasons why:

Can you tell that Inge's head is upside down in this photo?


That’s Inge declaring ownership of the box in which a copy of my (giant) dissertation is sitting. The diss. is with my committee members now, and we’re working on scheduling a defense in late April. There’s still work to do, of course. But: whew. That is the sound of me taking a short breather. (And doing some Killingly work, I hope!)

The book sitting on top of my dissertation draft includes my first substantial scholarly publication. It’s an edited collection entitled Masters of the Marketplace: British Women Novelists of the 1750s — my essay is about Charlotte Lennox’s The Female Quixote. The book looks beautiful, don’t you think?

(Inge is not responsible for making this week exciting and busy — thankfully — but she and Saki have definitely helped make it more enjoyable. Except for when they decide to race around the apartment just as I’m falling asleep.)

I’ve also learned that Alcestis is a finalist for the BSFS Compton Crook Award for 2010, with results to be announced in early April.

Finally, don’t forget that the Goodreads giveaway of three paperback copies of Alcestis ends March 15th!

After I catch my breath a bit, I’ll be back with more links and perhaps more news.


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