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Con Or Bust auction: another chance at a paperback

So, the Goodreads giveaway of three paperback copies of Alcestis is still going, but I’m also contributing one signed paperback copy to the Con Or Bust auction. Con Or Bust raises funds to send fans of color to SF/fantasy cons. Originally, it supported fans who wanted to attend Wiscon, but this year it’s been broadened to support any con a fan chooses. Visit the link above to bid — bidding closes on March 6, as that post explains — and your bid will help.

I don’t think I’ll be at Wiscon this year, unfortunately, since the combo of dissertation and job market is pretty much eating my spring. But I had a great time when I attended for the first time last year and I hope I’ll be able to go back in the future.

And to conclude this post, before I dive back into scholarly work: the Viking Answer Lady. You’re welcome.

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