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Paperback birthday

Today is the official release of Alcestis in paperback!

In the year since the hardback release, I’ve:

I continue to be amazed that people want to read my book. I mean, obviously that’s what I hoped for when I wrote it, though I also wrote it because I wanted to read it. But the fact of the book being in the world, of going into a room for a book club meeting and seeing fifteen people who have all spent at least a few hours of their lives reading something I wrote and are now eager to talk about it — there’s nothing quite like it. Thanks to my time as an English grad student, I’m well aware of just how far back the English-language literary tradition stretches, and how very many books have been produced since print became widespread. I like knowing that Alcestis is among them, and that it’s reached some readers who have really enjoyed it. I hope the paperback edition will allow it to reach even more.

The book is available in paperback via IndieBound, Amazon, B&N, Chapters/Indigo, Powell’s, — and of course it’s still available in hardback and ebook form on those sites, too. If you buy and read the book, please do take the time to leave a review on the site where you bought it and/or at Goodreads, if you can. It means a lot to me and will especially mean a lot to other potential readers who want to know what you thought of the book.


  1. Kate, you also made progress on your dissertation. (I was wondering if the stuff you mentioned was supposed to be related to Alcestis, but some of them overlapped with other stuff, so maybe that could be added).

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