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Hipster Book Club holiday gift guide

This is possibly the best thing I’ve found on the internet lately, and I’m not even saying that because Alcestis is included in it: the Hipster Book Club’s holiday gift guide. Ten pages of quirky, funny book recommendations, with categories from “Geek Love” to “Ladies’ Choice” to “General Fiction.” If you want to buy books for people this holiday season but you haven’t been satisfied by the best of lists at the Times and etc., go here. You will find things to give, and you will also add many things to your own to-be-read list.

In other book news, Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden has been adapted for the screen — this interview with the screenwriter dances delicately around the question of how to adapt the work’s sex scenes, and in fact the whole relationship between the main character and his wife, given what it has been taken to suggest about Hemingway’s own relationships with women.

Speaking of adaptation: I’m not even much of a Sherlock fan, and Graham Moore’s The Sherlockian sounds like great fun.

And finally, if you need something pretty to look at, here’s the trailer for Terrence Malick’s next movie, The Tree of Life. It looks… exactly like a Terrence Malick movie. Which is more than I can say for most films.


  1. Katharine,

    Thanks for the link to the HBC Gift Guide! The whole team — but especially the editors — work really hard to get that thing together. So thank you again!


  2. Katharine, perhaps, it’s unsurprising, but the Tree of Life trailer is especially compelling on the big screen. I saw it when I went to see Black Swan. Speaking of cinema, you mentioned The Social Network, Winter’s Bone, and Inception on the blog. All of which are doing well on critics’ 2010 lists. Even though it’s cliche, I did really love, “The Social Network.”;article;3

    Were there any movies you especially liked this year?

  3. How did you like Black Swan, Nadia? I’ve been curious about it but haven’t managed to get to the theatre yet. Also, I really don’t like Requiem for a Dream, which always makes me a little hesitant about Aronofksy’s movies.

    I think Winter’s Bone, The Social Network, and Never Let Me Go were the movies I’d rate as best this year, and I liked all of them. I enjoyed Inception a lot — I don’t think it’s quite as good as the three I just listed, but I really liked the experience of watching it and I’ve continued to think about some of the ideas in it. (I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about it and Nolan’s Following, which seems to have be at least a bit related in terms of content.)

    Of the other movies on the list you linked, I’d really like to see True Grit and I Am Love (which I just got from Netflix). I did see The Ghost Writer and wasn’t wild about it, and I know I should watch 127 Hours, but ick.

    How about you?

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