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Friday, and I’m very glad about it

A few more links! These are all related to women and writing. That’s sort of how I roll, especially on a Friday afternoon.

My dissertation is about antagonism between literary women in the early eighteenth-century, so I was amused to read this piece by Jessa Crispin about searching for positive depictions of female friendship in recent novels, which includes charming email correspondence with her own best female friend.

Slightly related: this flowchart of reductive characterizations of women in fiction.

One blogger’s thoughtful response to Lionel Trilling’s essay on Mansfield Park (which you can and should find in this book, if you haven’t read it — unsurprisingly, it’s delightful).


  1. Oh, I saw that! And I’ve seen lots of Janeites huffing about it on twitter, too. Heh. It’s hard for me to tell from the article whether that’s actually new information — it’s not like Austen’s drafts have been hidden away — but I’d be curious to see the actual material rather than the headline-friendly sound bites.

    T. & I were talking last night about what kinds of comparative analysis you’d have to do to be able to claim that a particular editor imposed a style on the authors he published. As in, did everybody Gifford edited write with that “epigrammatic” style, or is this supposedly just something he did to Austen’s writing?

  2. A comparative analysis would be really interesting; I wonder how many authors he edited have surviving manuscripts?

    Jess A. sent me a link to the actual digital manuscripts project, which you may have also seen: I am loving the fact she has her own academic domain name/suffix now too.

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