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Did you wear purple today? I found myself looking around on campus for other people in purple shirts, and wondering if they’d worn them for Spirit Day or not. I hope they all did. I wish I actually owned rainbow gear, so I could’ve made my allegiance even clearer. I’m usually pretty skeptical of activism-lite color branding — I am really not interested in buying pink paraphernalia if I could be donating directly to cancer research funds — but I do believe in it as a way to show support. I hope a lot of kids across the country today saw people wearing purple and knew what it meant.

If you want to do more to help victims of anti-LGBTQ bullying, support the Trevor Project.

I’m having a pretty busy week, so I leave you with links:

  • A great interview at the Paris Review blog with Michael Cunningham. I find him so charming in interviews and am really looking forward to picking up By Nightfall. (Hat tip to Michael Fauver for linking the interview.)
  • Alexander Chee on teaching the graphic novel.
  • A very sensible piece about how many copies books usually sell.
  • A petition to tell Silsbee High School (in Texas — oh, Texas) that it’s really not okay to kick a girl off the cheerleading squad when she refuses to cheer for her rapist individually by name. Based on the information in that article, the high school’s action was supported by a truly bizarre court decision, which claims that cheerleaders are only “mouthpieces” for the school and cannot refuse to cheer. It’s like a creepy sf novel.
  • And a palate cleanser: Scottish wildcats, and one British scientist getting very excited about them (check out the embedded videos).


  1. Gee, could Kirby be partly a Scottish wildcat?? Her stripes, even those on her head, are quite similar, but sadly, no tail for comparison. Her temperament, however, certainly fits a feral heritage, although in PA.

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