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Crowdsourcing reprint edits

Alcestis will be going back to print soon — the trade paperback edition will be published in February 2011. I’ve been asked to submit any necessary changes for the reprint. So: if you’ve read Alcestis in hardback or e-book form and noticed any typos or other weird artifacts, would you be so kind as to comment here or email me at katharinebeutner at gmail dot com?

In return, I’ll give you. Uh. A link to a very good article at the Huffington Post about why we need to teach programming in schools? Not that there’s any relation between the two; it’s just one of the more interesting things I’ve read in the last week, and I’m pretty short on content yet again. (I know I’m on fellowship this year and am supposed to be a lady of leisure, but I don’t think my workload has gotten the memo.)


  1. I had no idea that publishers asked for author input as they go to paperback. Very cool! And let us know if we can get you to visit Wonders and Marvels for another guest post when it releases.

    All best, Holly

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