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‘Alcestis’ review & interview at Hipster Book Club

Hipster Book Club has just posted a lovely thoughtful review of Alcestis and a long interview with me, both by Matthew Merendo.

Matthew originally posted a similar review of the book on Goodreads, and after I sent him a message to say thanks, he pitched the interview — and I’m so glad he did! We had a great back-and-forth via email, definitely one of the most in-depth conversations I’ve had about the book since it was published. As Matthew says in the interview’s introduction, we talk “about Alcestis, four Mean Girls from the eighteenth century, dead college students, and the status of gay lit.” We also discuss first novels, fantasy vs. mainstream literature, and my favorite retellings. Do check it out!


  1. Thanks for tweeting this! I read the Goodreads version of the review—really loved the interview with you! Addressed some thoughts/questions that I had about the book (I’m, uh, not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to literary crit, so I totally appreciate that he and you did the heavy lifting for me).

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