Lambda Literary reviews ‘Alcestis’

Just had to post a link to this new review of Alcestis by Andrea Lawlor, for Lambda Literary‘s website. The part that makes me tremendously happy:

Alcestis is nobody’s celebratory gayed-up Greek myth (for that, try Ovid). Instead, Beutner’s retelling is resolutely queer: strange, beautiful, ambivalent, sexually fluid, full of human complexity and godly simplicity.

I know it’s silly when writers post reviews and say: yes! That thing! Is the thing I was trying to do! But I’m saying it just this once.


  1. I’m a staff proofreader for Lambda Literary, and I discovered Alcestis through proofreading the review before it went live on the site. The review was so compelling that I tracked down the book, and the book was so compelling that I couldn’t put it down.

    Alcestis gripped me from the first page, more than lived up to the promise of the review, and left me feeling the way the gods in Alcestis leave the mortals: overwhelmed, hollow, yet craving more. From a professional editor, you can consider that extra high praise. 🙂

  2. Gabrielle, thank you so much. I’m delighted that you tracked down the book based on the review and even more delighted that you liked it so much. And thank you again for coming to leave me a comment here!

    Sorry for your comment’s wait in the moderation queue, though — somehow I didn’t get an email notification of it yesterday, and just discovered it there now.

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