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Not a post about ‘Twilight’

I’ve been trying all week to write a post about why the film versions of Twilight and Eclipse are kind of avant garde — notice I claim nothing of the sort for New Moon — but I just can’t seem to finish it up and post it. Can it be that I’ve hit my limit for dissecting the cultural phenomenon that is Twilight? Does Edward Cullen like to eat bears? (This is still the funniest thing about the Twilight universe, by FAR.) Actually, I’m almost tempted to read the remaining Twilight books — I’ve only read the first — so that I can see if this theory about the movies holds true for them, too. That just might be a ridiculous amount of preparation for writing a blog entry, though.

There are a few other reasons for my lack of follow-through:

  1. Migraine, yargh.
  2. Dissertation chapter: the one I am almost done with and really wanted to finish before Monday.
  3. Teaching prep for my class that starts Monday (hence the diss chapter deadline).

In fact, I need to be finishing up the section on Martha Fowke Sansom’s Clio right now. Which means it’s time for a few links and a promise to be back soon with more substantive thoughts — possibly even more substantive thoughts on topics not related to vampires or YA! Well, maybe not that last bit.


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