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This week’s capers

I’m bogged down in dissertation-land this month, trying to finish a chapter before I start teaching in mid-July.

Things I have been doing lately, in addition to writing my dissertation:

  • Pondering the confluence of events that leads pets to get sick immediately before one’s partner leaves on a scheduled trip.
  • Washing a lot of bedding. See previous point.
  • Watching season 1 of Leverage and pondering the caper plot. It’s a silly, fun show with a ridiculously sentimental frame story, but it’s also surprisingly ambitious — a caper a week?
  • Preparing teaching materials for my fiction workshop, including a basic website. (Not totally complete yet.) Wondering why Drupal is so much more annoying than WordPress.

Links to recommend:


  1. I looked at the photo of the installation and went ‘Whoah! It’s just like inside Moya on Farscape!’

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