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Kelly Link’s amazing writing, and a few other things

I’m having one of those desperate OH GOD I HAVE TO FINISH THIS SECTION dissertation days, which means my brain is all scattery, which means — you guessed it — links.

First, the fabulous Gwenda Bond, describing and collecting the posts in Kelly Link’s amazing blog tour in support of Pretty Monsters. Links to Kelly’s tour posts are appearing all over Twitter, with very good reason. They’re intense and beautiful pieces of writing, and I agree with Gwenda and Colleen Mondor (see the comments on Gwenda’s post) that they read like magazine essays, not at all the usual “a short and perky blurb about my book” fare of the blog tour. The first two essays are about the birth and early days of Kelly’s daughter, Ursula, who was born extremely premature; the third is about Kelly’s take on paranormal romance in the title story of the volume. Check Gwenda’s post again later in the week for updates on the remainder of Kelly’s tour. (And buy the book, too, of course.)

And more:

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