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My Wiscon schedule

Let me show you it!

(Wiscon is the annual women’s SF convention held in Madison, Wisconsin. This is the first year I’m attending, and I’m really excited about it; my writing tends more toward the mainstream end of the fantasy spectrum, but my love for SFF is deep and true.)

What’s the Future of the Past?
Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm Conference 4

Katharine Beutner [moderator], Alma Alexander, Christopher M. Cevasco, Joyce Frohn, Linda McAllister

What alternative histories, if any, do a good job of showing a world where there were real differences in gender or racial politics? Which ones fail and why? How can writers get the past right?

What Is Feminist Romance?
Sun, 8:30–9:45 am Caucus

Robyn Fleming (moderator), Katharine Beutner, Emily Horner, Neesha Meminger, Megan

Romances in short stories and novels often follow traditional patriarchal rules, even when feminist individuals are writing. What does a feminist romantic storyline look like? Do we see these or are they rare? How can writers who consider themselves feminist avoid falling back on the old standbys?

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Sun, 4:00–5:15 pm Assembly

Julie Andrews, Katharine Beutner, Ada Milenkovic Brown, Lori Devoti, Moondancer Drake, Gwynne Garfinkle, Catherine Lundoff, Jennifer Pelland, Katherine Mankiller, Trisha J. Wooldridge, Phoebe Wray (and others, I believe)

Members of Broad Universe share tidbits of their available work or works in progress with the audience. Enjoy a buffet covering a wide range of speculative fiction from disturbing horror to humor, paranormal romance to dystopian action/adventure, poetry to prose… and all the realms in between.

(I’ll be reading from Alcestis. )

If you’ll be at Wiscon, please do say hi!

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  1. I’m sorry that I won’t be there, because each one of these sound interesting! I look forward to talking to you about them after Wiscon is over.

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