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Moving, minus books

As I mentioned last week, we’re in the process of moving — much of our stuff is over at the new place, but my books are not, yet. I feel very odd without them. Now that it’s been a while since we moved out of our little north campus cottage, I sometimes have fantasies of abandoning the stuff we’ve acquired and living in a tiny house. Then I realize that we’d need to have a second tiny house just for our books. And possibly also for the purpose of banishing the cats on occasion. This move seems to have given Saki magical time-sensing powers; after one night of yowl-and-explore — her usual response to moving — she’s now settled into a quieter nighttime pattern that concludes with yowl-and-walk-on-my-head at 6:30 am precisely. As T. said, she’s like a little alarm clock you can’t turn off. Of course, she is now curled up in a neat small cat circle in my lap and has therefore earned temporary forgiveness.

We should be all moved by the end of the weekend, I think, so soon I’ll be able to lovingly arrange my books in their proper idiosyncratic order in my giant Ikea bookshelf, which I will never move using my own muscles again, if I can help it. I’ve only just stopped walking like an old lady. (The order, in case you’re curious, is something like “books I like best roughly chronological by period, then books I just like, then books so giant they seem like they should be on bottom shelves, then lots of other books probably haven’t looked at for years.”) I’m still going to be a bit scarce online through the end of the week, though.

Some fun Alcestis news before I vanish: I can now report that I’ll be appearing twice in Houston in late June, first at the Central Library on June 23 and then at the Jungman Neighborhood Library on the 24th. More details to come — I’ll post them here and on the events page.

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