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An Ashland update

Thursday night’s reading was great fun — many friends in Ashland came to listen and asked some good questions. Bloomsbury Books is a lovely place to read, as you’ll see in the picture below. The bookstore itself was pretty quiet that evening, but we packed the upstairs balcony.

I read from the Prologue (which you can read here), Chapter 5, and Chapter 7, and talked a bit about historical fiction and about my next project, Killingly. I hope I’ll have the chance to come back and read from that book, eventually — once I write it!

This morning I filmed an interview with the Open Books, Open Minds TV program run by the Jackson County Library System — my very first TV interview. I’ll have a YouTube link to share here soon. I enjoyed it, though I had to keep trying to remember to speak up (I’m kind of a quiet talker).

Last night I also saw the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2010 production of Hamlet, which featured a great Hamlet and a few nonsensical adaptation choices. (I think contemporary settings need to justify themselves; “putting Hamlet in a suit looks cool” is not enough justification.) One production decision I loved, though, was the casting of the Ghost, who was played beautifully by deaf actor Howie Seago. This means that Hamlet and his father signed to each other, with Hamlet interpreting, in effect, for the hearing audience; and even more interestingly, the actors playing Claudius and Gertrude would sometimes slip into ASL, especially if they were speaking to or about Hamlet or his father. The performance I saw was also open captioned. Brilliant all around.

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