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Outer Alliance Spotlight

The reading last night was great — I’ll put up pictures this weekend. I’m currently getting ready for my first book group gathering, but first: Julia Rios from the Outer Alliance has just posted a Spotlight interview with me on the Outer Alliance blog. I talk about queerness in the Mycenaean world, managing multiple projects, and my favorite college novel ever, A Sweet Girl Graduate (which Julia actually tracked down on Project Gutenberg, even though I forgot to mention that I’d found it there!).

A few other quick links for today:

An article in the Telegraph interviewing the chair of this year’s Orange Prize judges, who laments that “women’s fiction” is often “miserable.” The article is fairly sensible on the whole but begins with the following bizarre quote:

There’s not been much wit and not much joy; there’s a lot of grimness out there… There are a lot of books about Asian sisters […], a lot of books that start with a rape. Pleasure seems to have become a rather neglected element in publishing.

The “pleasure” issue I get — I talk about that a lot here — but “a lot of books about Asian sisters”? What?

On a no less miserable but interesting note, previously unpublished extracts from letters among Bloomsbury group members about Virginia Woolf’s death.

And finally, two great posts by the INTERN (whose all-caps-ness never fails to make me laugh) about how to improve 1) your manuscript and 2) its chances.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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