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My brain is full of dissertation at the moment; well, dissertation, the sunny-seventies weather Austin’s been having this week, and a million little administrative things that I have to keep track of and sort out in the new few months. But next week I get to do more Alcestis stuff: I’ll be reading at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, OR, on Thursday night, meeting with a book group Friday afternoon, and filming an interview with a local book TV show in Ashland on Saturday. And then Monday, I’ll hopefully be attending fellow Soho author Cara Black‘s reading at the Bookwagon in Ashland, too.

And yes, this is exactly the kind of spring break I like best!

Any advice for books I should read on my trip? I’m thinking about taking The Known World and maybe The Woman in White (both of which are on that list I made of books I want to read this year), but I also really want to read Jedediah Berry’s The Manual of Detection, which just got nominated for this year’s NYPL Young Lions award.

In other news, a few links before I dive back into the diss:

I’ve been a little leery of Dave Eggers’s work since A Heartbreaking Work…, not for any very good reason — too much self-aware self-awareness? The fact that McSweeney’s can be twee? (It can also be awesome.) But this Guardian interview is wonderful, and makes me want to pick up What is the What and especially Zeitoun.

And finally: some great advice from The Millions about how to break into publishing.

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