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Wonders & Marvels ‘Alcestis’ giveaway

The fabulous historical blog Wonders & Marvels is giving away four copies of Alcestis! The deadline for entering to win a copy is this Sunday, February 28. To enter, visit the blog post linked above and post an answer to the following question as a comment:

What little-known character in history deserves to be in the spotlight and have his or her story told?

There are some great responses in the comments already. I would love to read a novel about Alcibiades and Socrates. I think some of the women writers I’m analyzing in my dissertation would make excellent subjects for historical fiction. I can’t believe that nobody’s written a novel about Laetitia Pilkington yet, and Delarivier Manley would also be a fine candidate for fictionalization, as long as you didn’t let the most boring lawsuit ever dominate the story, the way she does in her own fictionalized autobiography. But the delightful Charlotte Charke would top them all — probably literally, if that were possible.

That’s Charlotte as Damon, one of her popular breeches roles. Her Narrative is way funnier than her father Colley Cibber’s Apology, should you ever have the desire to read a mid-c18 autobiography about the life of a player.

Anyway, many thanks to Wonders & Marvels for hosting this giveaway! I look forward to reading everyone’s suggestions.


  1. Peter Green (who, I think was formerly a classics prof @ UT Austin?) wrote several historical novels, one of which – I think Achilles His Armour – was about Alcibiades (and I think he was the narrator, but it is decades since I’ve read it or seen a copy). I was impressed at the time by The Laughter of Aphrodite, about Sappho, but have no idea how this would hold up now.

  2. Yes, he’s still professor emeritus here, though I don’t know if he still lives in Austin. I’ll have to look up his historical novels — somehow I didn’t know about them. Thank you!

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