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It’s a bullet-point kind of day, I’m afraid. First up, Alcestis news!

  • Earlier this week, I was interviewed by Kate Ergenbright of UT’s newspaper, the Daily Texan.
  • Photos from the book launch party are here, in case you missed them.
  • Don’t forget about the AuthorBuzz giveaway of five signed copies of the book: details here.
  • I linked this guest post I wrote for Wonders & Marvels last weekend, but it may have gotten buried. If you’re curious about how I decided to afflict poor Hippothoe with asthma, that post is for you.
  • This review, by Kelly Lasiter of Fantasy Literature, makes me VERY happy. (I found it on GoodReads. Did you know that it’s really hard to resist looking at your book’s page, even when you’ve logged on intending to add yet another book to your own TBR list? It’s an amazing feeling to see, for example, that people are reading the book at that very moment.)

And some Friday afternoon links:


  1. Kelly Lasiter’s review is very well done and very complimentary! She has thought more about Alcestis than your other reviewers and it shows. Yay – pat yourself on the back!!

  2. Stephen, thank you — that’s a neat thing to hear. Did you like The Lightning Thief? I hadn’t heard of that series until a few weeks ago, but now I’m kind of curious about how it makes the gods YA-friendly.

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