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Book launch photos

Today I got a shiny CD from my friend Kristin, who took wonderful photos of the Alcestis book launch party last Sunday at BookPeople.

T. says that I should do a Wesley Willis-style description of the event: “I read at BookPeople. About thirty or forty people were at the show. It was a rocking good time.” Which is actually pretty accurate! Because I did my master’s degree in fiction writing at UT and am still in the same department for my Ph.D. work, I am lucky enough to have a group of amazing friends who have watched me write this novel, revise it, wait and wait to see if it would find a publisher, sell it (with much rejoicing) to Soho, revise it some more — you get the picture. So they were excited to see the final product in print, and I was tremendously excited to share it with them.

The one thing I forgot to get a picture of was my name on the marquee sign out front, which was pretty damn exciting all on its own. There was another sign inside the store with the event listed, and I couldn’t help it — I walked up and pointed and said, “Uh, that’s me.” And the kind staff member (Jen R., if I remember right) in charge of the event took excellent care of me (and T., who came early with me to help set things up).

The reading was held on the second floor, in the big open space between sections of the store. Below is a photo of me reading, with some of the audience visible:

The greatest audience ever

I read the Prologue and the majority of Chapter 7.

And then I hung around and signed books for old friends and new friends, too.

If you want to see more photos from this reading, check out the Flickr set that Kristin created. I’m really looking forward to my next reading, now!

All photos are copyright Kristin Ware (thanks, Kristin!).


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