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The Hellenistic period on film

Today, found this lovely blog about period dramas (with which, as my Netflix queue would show you, I am totally obsessed). One of the entries on the front page at the moment is a review of Alejandro Aménabar’s Agora, a film about Hypatia, the Alexandrian scholar of mathematics, philosophy and astronomy murdered by a mob in 415 AD. (Click here for a great image of Aménabar directing Weisz. So cool to see Egyptian wall murals with the colors intact!)

Here’s the trailer, on YouTube:

I’m really looking forward to this film — and if you have other recommendations for good period dramas, do share?


  1. That looks beautiful. I think it might make me cry too much–wasn’t Hypatia flayed alive by abalone shells? And *sniffle* she’s just trying to save the books…

    My period of choice for movies tends to be Renaissance through 1880s… For more ancient world stuff, I was fond of the little touches in Gladiator, where they panned past a pile of sacrifices to the standards in the early scenes after the battle with the Germans (or were they Celts?). It was like reading Tacitus, but you know, onscreen! Someone had a good eye for parts of that movie. And, hey, the HBO series Rome. I loved the details there, down to the graffiti on the walls.

  2. I should give Gladiator another try — I really disliked it when I saw it in the theatre, but I can’t entirely remember why. And I’ve only seen bits of Rome.

    I’m very into c18-c19 period drama, even adaptations of texts from those centuries. In particular: make any adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, and I will watch it, no matter how silly it is.

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