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Things I’m discovering about publication #48765

There is really nothing quite so cool as having friends email/post on your Facebook wall/message you on Twitter to tell you that they’ve just seen your book in their local bookstore.

For visual evidence, this photo arrived earlier in the week from the lovely and wonderful Elizabeth Scott, who wrote to show me that Alcestis had just been added to the display case at the front of her area Barnes & Noble.

My reaction: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE. And then I forwarded it to my mother.

Right now I’m dissertating, but later tonight I’ll be running out to buy wine for the book launch party which is, you recall, this weekend:  Sunday at BookPeople. Yes, the afternoon of the Super Bowl. I’ve already been teased about that, don’t worry. (My reaction: “The Super what?” –kidding, kidding. Mostly.) I am really looking forward to reading from the book again — I’ve only had a few chances to do so and I love to do it — and to celebrating with all my local friends. One of those dear friends is going to take pictures, so I’ll try to post some here early next week. I may even try to get some video of me reading.


  1. Hey, I’m excited for you. If it ever shows up in my local Waterstone’s, I’ll do my best to send you a pic.

    Do you think at some point you could record a clip of you reading from Alcestis? Do a voice post on LJ? It would be lovely for those who aren’t able to come on Sunday.

  2. Thanks! I did record myself reading the Prologue, but I still need to clean up the recording and put it in mp3 format — Audacity was being a pain, so I’m going to get T. to help me with it soon. Hopefully next week? And I’ll see if we can make at least a short video on his camera, too.

  3. And, when your mother saw E’s photo, she also went “WHEEEEE”. She is now heading down to her local indie bookstore to take another photo of the lovely Alcestis for you!

  4. Well, congrats, even with such poor timing.

    A notice too that over here in NYC, it is already in the libraries. I logically got a copy in one down the block from a book store and enjoyed it.

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