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Today, a recommendation: the blog of my dear friend and mentor Elizabeth Scott, who writes wonderful YA novels of all sorts. Her next novel The Unwritten Rule will be out in April, and she’s published six other novels already. I recommend them all.

She is also the master of useful linkage. Seriously: whether you’re published or not-yet-published, make checking her blog a part of your writing-blogosphere routine and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of helpful tips, advice from agents and editors, commentary from writers about craft and about the writing life, and etc. Today’s post is an especially fine example of the kind of great material she often finds — my favorite posts from it are Justine Musk’s notes on “how to write a book that ‘hangs together'” (in other words, how to develop the themes in your work), Kristin Nelson’s post of an annotated query letter, and this post on the value of MFA programs (a subject I’m planning to write more about soon, thanks to a recent question from a blog reader). For the other links, see Elizabeth’s blog!

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