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‘Alcestis’ news roundup and links

First of all: I’ve added a link to the online invitation to my book launch party on the Events page. If you’re reading this, consider yourself invited — it’ll be held at BookPeople in downtown Austin, February 7, 3 pm.

In other Alcestis news, my ARC giveaway via Goodreads ended yesterday — 1289 people requested an ARC, which is delightfully mind-boggling. I mailed out ARCs to the two winners today!

Very soon I’ll also have an excerpt from the novel to share with you, as well as a recording of me reading that excerpt. T. is slaving over a website redesign as I write, and I’ll be adding the excerpt and podcast as soon as the redesign is ready to go.

And now, links:


  1. Katharine, did you sign or write anything in the copies you sent? The slush pile WSJ piece was interesting. It seems that from afar, one interesting question is when to edit the book or re-examine your approach or decide your novel can’t get published. On the one hand, a writer might simply not have a good book or may be pitching it the wrong way. On the other, rejections are inevitable and even best selling authors get them.

    (btw, my computer used my old moniker which it had saved when I posted the other way, but it was still me).

  2. I did sign the copies I sent, yes. I’ve been thinking about buying some bookplates so that people who want signatures for their books can request one. What do you think?

    And I agree, it is tough to know when to sit down and revamp your work and when to assume that you’ve just been unlucky so far, given the long odds of trying to get published. (In fact, I think that’s true when you’re facing any kind of application process with many more applicants than places!) It’s even harder with publishing, I think, because the decision-making process is so long. I definitely wasn’t sure that Alcestis would find a place while it was out circulating.

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