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A quick post about Scholastic & ‘Luv Ya Bunches’

Scholastic Books has chosen to leave Lauren Myracle’s Luv Ya Bunches out of its Book Fair catalogue after Myracle refused to transform a character’s lesbian parents into a straight couple. The book is still available through Scholastic’s book club catalogue, but, as Mombian points out, the book fair is far more successful than the book club. (See also Lee Wind’s post on Scholastic’s decision.) Scholastic claims that they’re not censoring the book because it’s still available to students through the book club, but they’re certainly restricting access to it, and probably damaging the author’s sales numbers, too. In short: terribly poor stuff.

The School Library Journal reported this a few days ago; now a petition has been set up to express our disappointment at Scholastic’s capitulation to intolerance. Go add your voice, if you feel moved to.

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