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A whole week of the semester

I’ve been teaching my intro English class on the history of the romance for a week now and so far everything is sunshine and roses.  Seriously, I’m very happy with this class and I think we’re going to have a great time, partly because many of the students chose the class because they want to read the books we’re reading.

I am looking forward to getting the last bits of my schedule settled — those of us who teach in the shiny computer-stocked classrooms also work as proctors in the computer labs, and that schedule gets revised after a week or two of term — so that I can figure out how to shove some fiction writing into my schedule, along with my teaching prep and dissertation work.

A few links for today:

Sarah Eve Kelly on “the matter of detail” in writing historical fiction.

Megan Crewe posts on the results of her survey of writers who recently sold their first books. Short version: the majority of writers sell their first book not because of connections but through a cold query.

The Telegraph reviews a new book on Waugh and the Lygons, the family who apparently inspired Waugh when he created the Flytes.

My favorite Kate Beaton comic (which I will be sharing with my class).


  1. ‘Fantomina,’ by Eliza Haywood; ‘Evelina,’ Fanny Burney; ‘Emma,’ Jane Austen; ‘The Grand Sophy,’ Georgette Heyer; ‘Lady Oracle,’ Margaret Atwood; “Love, Forever,” Joyce Carol Oates; one secondary essay focused on each author, a few longer pieces by Pamela Regis and Janice Radway about the structure of the romance plot, and a few short essays from ‘Critical Terms for Literary Study,’ which is a great introductory book to literary criticism.

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