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Great news: no more whitewashing of ‘Liar’

Justine Larbalestier’s book Liar has a beautiful new cover. You can see the old cover via the Amazon link (right now, anyway — hopefully that’ll be fixed soon, too). Responding to the distress of her readers, Ms. Larbalestier chose to speak out about Bloomsbury’s decision to represent her black protagonist with a white cover model. And Bloomsbury — after much embarrassing defensiveness — finally chose to do the right thing and produce a new cover. They could’ve gone with the Australian cover, which is a text-based design, but instead they decided to reshoot a variant of the US cover image with a black model. You know — a girl who might actually look like the narrator of the book. They’re re-jacketing the entire print run for an October release.

I know this doesn’t fix the systemic problems that produced the original cover, but it still makes me really happy.

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