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Readers, writers, and money

Via Elizabeth Scott, this fascinating post by Lynn Viehl breaking down the exact amounts of her royalty statements for a New York Times bestselling book.

Michelle Sagara/West’s post on writerly delusions and learning to accept reader responses to your own work.

In other news, I’m about to mail off my corrected page proofs tomorrow — the ARCs will be ready in June! The book’s already gotten a few very nice quotes, too, which my editor forwards on to me. Getting an email with a new quote in it, particularly when that email shows up at the end of a long work day, is kind of like having someone surprise you with delicious cookies.

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  1. Lynn Viehl’s post is very interesting. The publishing business seems to be like every other business; no one wants to share real financial information because they imagine it will give someone else (competitors?) an added edge. So it’s generous and brave of Lynn Viehl to put her real numbers out there for all to see. The best parts? No cons, no signing events…

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