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It’s International Blog Against Racism Week. To see the many amazing contributions bloggers have been making (this year and last), visit the IBARW page. Within that collection of links, there are about 50 (so far) blog posts on writing and race. I want to highlight a few here that deal specifically with the question of authorial intent and reader interpretation, particularly within genre writing.

Kameron Hurley addresses why writing colorblind is writing white.

Kate Nepveu posts on reading through default assumptions.

Yoon Ha Lee makes the point that “Even if race is not an issue in the universe in which you are writing, it is an issue for the reader.”

And two posts by Pam Noles about racial representation, reader identification, and whitewashing disguised as colorblindness: “Shame”, and a follow-up post addressing responses to that essay.

Go, read, think. I will be, too.


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