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Things I quite like

A brief list.

  1. The CHOP chemo regimen, which has put my father’s cancer in remission, at least temporarily.
  2. Paprika — T. and I saw it twice when we were in Portland.
  3. Strawberry freezer jam with chevre on a toasted English muffin.
  4. GoodReads: still addictive.
  5. Pigma Micron pens by Sakura, to which T. introduced me last year. They’re the best ever for marking up books.
  6. The fact that Nabokov finished the ms. of Lolita only a few miles from my current location. That house is gone now, replaced with some truly ugly new construction, but there’s a plaque to mark the spot — along with a tiny Japanese maple. I’m not sure what kind of symbolic message that little tree is supposed to send.
  7. The area between, say, Division and Belmont in eastern Portland. Even though the Side Street bar near Belmont got rid of its Galaga arcade machine since last summer. Tragedy!
  8. The Defoe Review project (based on the HRC’s editions of the periodical).
  9. Swagat‘s chicken makhani.

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