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Just stopping by to post a quick recommendation for Rackstraw Press’s new anthology, Glorifying Terrorism, a collection of stories published in response to the UK Terrorism Act of 2006. As Ned Beauman says on the Guardian book blog:

… we should be happy that in 2006 science fiction pulled on its balaclava. Whether or not we can wring out the slightest sympathy for suicide bombers from Iraq or Palestine or Leeds, we should certainly be forced to try, if only to clarify our thinking. And while mainstream authors such as Updike and Amis and Rushdie have tried to take us into the mind of terrorists, they stopped short of what would have been far more disturbing and effective: making their plotters into likeable heroes and seducing us into a unwary emotional involvement with their struggle.

Only science fiction has gone that far, and for this — even more than for decrying the theft of our civil liberties — it deserves our rapt attention.

(Link via Colleen Mondor)

I remember seeing this call for submissions last year; I’m fiercely glad the project was successful.

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  1. Thanks for the link; I wish some of our own sf/fantsay talent would do a companion volume for the good old U. S. of A.

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