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Things I’ve done since Thursday

  1. Gotten my head knocked into a doorframe by my landlord. (Accidentally! He was checking a smoke alarm, I ducked under him, it was a bad scene.) The lump is just about gone now.
  2. Sold my first story (!) — a short-short, to the wonderful people at Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.
  3. Discovered that the dryer attached to my new apartment will function with a maximum load of two (2) pairs of wet pants. Total.
  4. Read most of Eliza Haywood’s Love in Excess. It’s spectacular — particularly the scene in which the two main characters fall in lust over the deathbed of the female character’s father — but it still hasn’t topped the MONKEY FIGHT at the end of Evelina for absurdity. (MONKEY FIGHT. And people say c18 fiction is dull.) Then again, I haven’t quite finished it yet.
  5. Saw Final Fantasy at the Parish, downtown. Final Fantasy is Owen Pallett, recently described in the Times as “the world’s most popular gay postmodern harpsichord nerd.” If you ever have a chance to see him, do. He does all his looping from his violin live onstage, including crazy percussive sounds made with bow and strings, and shouts into the violin’s belly; he has a strange lovely voice and a great little dorky Ralph Fiennes laugh; he wore a red headband that made him look like an anime character; and he ended the concert with a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” (His cover of “Peach, Plum, Pear” was excellent, too.) Definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen.

I have access to borrowed wireless in the apartment now, intermittently. We’re still counting down the days to our very own reliable connection, though.


  1. Ha! You are correct – I howled, howled I say, at the monkey scene in Evelina. That book can be so mischievous – that whole part with … who is it, the captain maybe, is just ludicrous in all the best ways.

    Love in Excess is really good as well. I gave a conference paper on it a couple of years ago, wherein I addressed the problems of love and the law. Howard Weinbrot shouted me down during the q&a, and I went home feeling like a complete twit.

  2. The captain is such a weird Fielding-esque character in the middle of all the proto-Austen romantic/social comedy. Bizarre!

    I’m really enjoying Love in Excess — and I’m working on a Haywood paper of my own, though it’s not conference-length. I might send my first proposal to ASECS this year for something else, though, so I’m sure it’ll be my turn to be shouted down one of these days. Yay?

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