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A view from Cape Perpetua

Originally uploaded by Katharine B.

This is the view from the rock shelter built by the CCC atop Cape Perpetua, near Yachats, on the coast. We sat and read here for an hour or so, after walking up to it. (Other photos of the Eugene trip are up at flickr; I tried to post links here before I left for Portland, but dreamhost was having something of a conniption fit.)

Things we did in Portland:

–Went to the main Powell’s four times in four days, plus visits to the technical books store, the cookbook store, and the Hawthorne branch. My stack of books is taller than T.’s. Damn the c18 history section and its collection of Boswell- and Johnson-related items.

–Walked a lot, including a long trek around the west hills after missing the turn-off for the Japanese garden. Note to self: look at the map.

–Ate lots of good cheap food: the lunch buffet at Swagat on NW 21st; sushi happy hour at the Dragonfish bar; pizza and crepes and beer around Hawthorne; and a five-course lunch at the Western Culinary Institute’s Bleu, which is formal dining, but staffed by charming culinary students who function at varying levels of formality. Some of the dishes were only good; most of them were spectacular. The vanilla pot de créme with pink peppercorn flavoring was the best.

–Ogled neighborhoods: we liked the older brick apartments around Northwest near Macleay Park, but Hawthorne has a lively warm scruffiness that I liked more than the upscale blah-ness of 23rd St.

–Walked around the Reed campus, which is pretty and congenial.

–Saw A Scanner Darkly. I can’t remember the last time I was so bored during a movie.

I have no pictures from Portland, though I had my camera with me — I forgot to haul it out. Maybe I’ll take a picture of my stack of Powell’s loot — as it towers over T.’s, mwahahaha.

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