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things I’ve been doing lately

  1. Chasing deer out of the backyard: a picaresque adventure, full of entertaining incidents, naughty language, and large-gauge plastic mesh fencing.
  2. Briefly touring the coast of Oregon (between Reedsport and Newport) and spending two days in Eugene. There’s a little town called Yachats with one of the most wonderful coffeeshops in the world, a strange little wood-paneled place called Ye Olde Green Salmon, where we had the following lunch: egg, tomato, and mushroom sandwich; cream of onion and potato soup; raspberries, mascarpone, honey, and powdered sugar on little baguette slices; and a maté cocoa.
  3. Reading A Room of One’s Own, and then Moll Flanders, which was rather like eating a tart lemon ice and following it with a huge sticky-sweet cloying cinnamon roll bought from a Cinnabon in a regional airport. I loved the Woolf unreservedly (more later on this, I hope), and pestered T. with sections read aloud; I loved Moll too, but it left my mental fingers sticky.
  4. Finishing the text correction of my grandmother’s memoir. Now I need to figure out how to revise or alter it to make it work. Expect more posts on this front later. Other things to expect soon: photos from our coast trip and my presence in Portland some time in the next 2.5 weeks.

Today I’m down at the local university library with a pile of art books, as I’ve just started a small data entry project for a professor, labeling eighteenth-century-related images to be used in lectures at UT.

What have you been doing lately?

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