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I wish I had something to add to the current spate of debate about cultural appropriation — or, rather, I wish I had time to add something to the debate. This is the kind of issue that requires long periods of brow-furrowing thought before posting, however, and I’m using up all my brow-furrowing time this week on challenging packing issues like whether I should keep all my cd cases and where I’m possibly going to jam in that giant comforter. Regardless of whether you have time to contribute to the discussion or not, though, I recommend checking out the links listed here (and a more recent post here that isn’t included in that list) — and if you’re interested in academic explorations of the same issue, the list of theorists referenced in Oyceter‘s entry.


Via Maud Newton: excerpts from letters by Edmund Wilson, Elena Wilson and Mary McCarthy about Lolita in manuscript.


New winner for dvd with best deleted scenes EVER: Everything Is Illuminated.


I’m putting my worldly goods into storage this week and going to Oregon for the summer, so I’ll apologize in advance if this blog lies fallow until next Thursday or so. I’ll be back and posting soon.

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