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WFC 2006, in Austin: the unofficial guide

M. Thomas and I have put together an unofficial guide to Austin for those planning to attend World Fantasy in November. The WFC site has a small official guide to Austin for con-goers, but it’s focused almost entirely on the Arboretum, which is… well, it’s a mall. So: here’s a list of things to know, do, see, and eat in Austin that do not involve malls.

Most of the credit goes to M., who designed and is hosting the site — but be sure to click the link for the second page, wherein you can reap the benefit of my obsession with local restaurants. (Most restaurants have websites, which are easily found by asking Uncle Google.)

As M. notes, this site is in no way affiliated with the WFC, etc., etc. But it has a flying armadillo on it.

For future reference, you can also find the guide link on my sidebar (and my newly uploaded index page). Check it out — and let M. or I know if you have questions, suggestions, etc.


  1. Good grief, woman! It would appear that you have been eating (and drinking) your way around Austin for the past two years! That’s an impressive list of restaurants and bars. I look forward to visiting Austin again and, particularly, to trying the spicy yam tofu.

  2. I do indeed like to eat. And the spicy yam tofu is brilliant — we’ll definitely go to Veggie Heaven (and a number of the other places listed on the guide) next time you’re here.

    Tonight’s food experiment is cold faux-pickled zucchini salad with soba noodles and sesame seeds. I figure, if you throw enough soy sauce, sake, vinegar, and honey at thin-sliced zucchini, eventually it will beg for mercy, right?

  3. It was pretty good, actually, though it would be better with more vegetables in it — and maybe some leftover fish, or something. It made me think happily of the leftover lamb salad, which we’ll have to make again this summer.

  4. Jayme: Thanks! I’ve only been to Freebirds once (the South Congress location), and the burrito I got then was way too salty. Maybe I just had a salt-overzealous burrito assembler? I’ll have to give them another try.

    Have you tried the mahi-mahi burrito at Changos? That ties with El Chilito’s fish tacos, I think, as my favorite tex-mex fast food item in Austin to date.

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