A thing seen while waiting for the bus today

A young Latino man standing at the corner of MLK and Guadalupe in a white t-shirt covered with black-marker writing, holding a handmade cardboard sign. At first he had his back to me, and when I squinted I could see that his back said: I LOVE ROSARIO / MARRY ME [unreadable] the 24th! He was about seventy feet away from me, right near the intersection. He ducked his head a little when cars passed, as if he were embarrassed, but he looked proud, too. He seemed to be waiting for someone: Rosario, I assume. He wasn’t smiling. I waited for the bus for about ten minutes, and just before it came, the man walked toward me. The front of his shirt said: MORE THAN FRIENDS — LETS GET MARRIED! I LOVE YOU HONEY! And his sign had two copies of the same posed studio photo pasted to it, one larger than the other, like the statues in Egyptian tombs. Rosario, and consort Rosario. Under the photos, he’d written: THIS IS THE YOUNG WOMAN I LOVE.

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