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The graduation reading in photos

At flickr, I’ve posted the photos T. took at my graduation reading. Here you can see me from a T.’s-eye view, as I gesture toward my clip-on microphone to ask if it’s working. Doing two readings in two weeks reminds you just how weird your own voice sounds when projected to an audience. But doing the readings was more fun than I’d anticipated, and it makes me wish I had more stories suited in length and content to reading aloud. I’ll have to work on that.


Stories that do not read well aloud: documentary/epistolary stories.

Stories I am revising right now: “Selected letters …”

Things that are helpful: having a housemate who works as an intern at one of the best research libraries in the world. I had a question about how letters are catalogued at the HRC and all I had to do was pop down the hall to her room and ask. And now, if I can chase off the last bits of this headache, I’ll put the answer to good use.

I’m taking a quick break from the Boswell to read T.’s copy of Blood Meridian, so going back to work on my story of letters written by fairly genteel late-nineteenth-century American women will produce serious whiplash. If my blog entries suddenly feature lots of long, violent run-on sentences, you’ll know why.

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