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Marla, Michener administrator extraordinaire, took this photo at last night’s graduation dinner — I’m the one in pink, diving for the baked goods. I look pretty relaxed, yes? I was, and not only because of the tasty bread. Our graduation reading went well — I read a short-short and the novel prologue, and really enjoyed my classmates’ readings, since nearly all of us read different material this time. Adam Zaby, in particular, read a brilliant story about Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe. There were post-reading drinks at El Chile and then a trip to Carmen’s house to see the kitten she adopted from me months ago, now a sleek, scrappy, adorable teenager. After the obligatory cat visit we went to the dinner, which was, luckily, not rained out. ‘Twas a nice afternoon, though it didn’t feel much like graduation to me, as I’ll be back in class in August. But I’m tremendously glad I’m staying.

Today I turned in my last master’s form, and T. finished his grading, so summer has officially begun. I celebrated it in the dorktacular way I often do: by making a quick summer reading list, which you can find on the sidebar. I’ll update as I go. But now I’m off to re-read a short story that needs revision and to work on my novel synopsis, that joy of joys.


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