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On my Firefox weather extension, today’s icon is something I haven’t seen since watching the national news broadcasts when I was living in Ireland — a sun half-covered with clouds and rain. I’m willing to bet that the Austin variation of “sunny, with rain” will differ from the Irish one, though. Fewer mists here, more sudden downpours.

My thesis is due on Friday, so I’ve spent the last few days finishing up last-minute edits, dealing with the university’s wacky required formatting, and attempting to chase down all the professors who need to sign my forms. There are a few complications, but it should all be resolved today, I hope. Then I will do some kind of extremely bouncy dance of joy… and get back to completing the very final bits of polishing.

I had my last workshop yesterday evening, though I didn’t really think of it that way until afterwards. Odd. Workshops aren’t my preferred method of receiving critique — it’s just not easy to workshop a novel in a semester-long class, even if one does a chapter at a time, and I learn more with individual readers or instructors — but the structure of a workshop class is very helpful in terms of productivity. I may have to give myself some workshop-like assignments this summer, since I don’t have a single giant project looming over me as I did last year.

Right now I have to get to school so I can turn in the most recent giant project, though. More later.

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