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tell no one about tonight

The practice reading was marvelous fun, even though we had no functioning lights for the outdoor stage and everybody after the first reader ended up reading by penlight. We had a good audience — maybe thirty, forty people, mostly friends and other writing students (who are also friends). I read “Daphne,” and it was easy and pleasant and fun; I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the act of reading aloud.

Our theses are due on Friday, but everyone was happy and relaxed, talking about parties planned for the next few weeks, looking forward to the official graduation reading next weekend and the excellent Michener-catered outdoor dinner that’ll follow it. It’s summer here already, but early summer, when the air still cools to the seventies at night and the evening breezes feel like cotton. I’ll be swearing at the heat and humidity soon, and then fleeing it for hot-but-dry southern Oregon, but for now I’m enjoying it, remembering how lovely last summer was, anticipating another.

But there are still a few things to accomplish before school ends — so tomorrow I figure out thesis formatting, and try to finish as much of my final revisions as possible. ‘Night, all.

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