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I’ve made a page describing my current fiction projects. The piece I’ll probably read tonight is “Daphne” — I did rewrite the ending of “The Former Hero” last night, and I like it much better, but now it’s too long to read tonight, as we were told to aim for ten minutes, with a maximum of fifteen. If I read “The Former Hero” quickly, it takes seventeen minutes — so I’ll only read that one if everyone else’s times are running extremely short. And if I feel like the mood is right for a weird Shakespearean ghost story. But really, when isn’t the mood right for that?

I think the tagline for my blog, if I had one, would have to be something like “Literature for dorks.”

Projects for the rest of the day: working on the final novel edits; baking a spinach quiche; finding something to wear to the reading; not being nervous. I haven’t read my writing in public since my first year of college, and that was in my poetry days, unfortunately for the audience. My mother said, “Remember, you read at the Library of Congress!” I did, it’s true; and it sounds impressive until you discover that I was in seventh grade at the time. (Much love to the Scholastic Writing Awards.)

Before I go, a few links:

Sherwood Smith shares excerpts from the diary and letters of Agnes Porter, a governess in the late eighteenth century.

A transcript of Stephen Colbert’s remarks at the press corps dinner (via BoingBoing).

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